According to a University of California.

Alzheimer’s vaccine clears amyloid plaques but has small influence on learning and memory impairment A promising vaccine being tested for Alzheimer’s disease does what it really is made to do – – obvious beta-amyloid plaques from the mind – – but it will not appear to help restore lost learning and memory abilities, according to a University of California, Irvine research preventing-prostatic-cancer.html . The findings suggest that dealing with the predominant pathology of Alzheimer’s disease – – beta-amyloid plaques – – by itself may have only limited clinical benefit if started after there is significant plaque development.

pulmonary edema , an advanced form of severe altitude sickness, causes the next progression of symptoms: Shortness of breath at rest Gurgling respirations Wet cough with frothy sputum Possible fever Respiratory failure Onset of HAPE could be gradual or sudden. HAPE typically occurs after several day spent at thin air. High altitude cerebral edema can begin with confusion. A person developing HACE begins having difficulty maintaining the group. Next, walking and coordination become impaired. As the mind continues to swell, lethargy and then coma will develop. If left untreated, HACE will ultimately result in death.. Altitude Sickness Symptoms Acute altitude sickness may be associated with any kind of mix of the following symptoms: Fatigue Headache Dizziness Insomnia Shortness of breath during exertion Nausea Decreased appetite Swelling of extremities Social withdrawal People with acute altitude sickness often attribute their symptoms to other causes such as a distressing bed, bad meals, or a hangover.