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Risk Navigator Clinical is built to fit the medical workflow by wrapping business cleverness around a member-centric database providing evidence-based medication guideline compliance details and cost and utilization forecasts. Clients may also leverage MEDai’s motivation index to look for the level of member engagement most appropriate based on the members’ inspiration to self manage their conditions. Risk Navigator Financial, MEDai’s underwriting and actuarial module, bridges the gap between clinical and financial objectives, providing a consistent, strategic method of managing medical and revenue enhancement employer and opportunities reporting. CHS and MEDai have partnered to market preventive care, facilitate early identification of risk and enhance employer reporting for the mixed groups CHS serves, said Swati Abbott, President and CEO of MEDai.The 49-year-old former county medical director and UC Davis medical school official said regulations has provided a lot more than 1 million Californians with health care coverage – – challenging Ose on his pledge to repeal regulations and change it with an insurance plan that provides customers with more choices . Oregonian: Cover Oregon Wellness Exchange Enrolled U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley Into Low-Income Medicaid As a U.S. Senator, Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., makes $174,000 a year. So imagine his surprise a few months ago, when he discovered the Cover Oregon health insurance exchange had enrolled him in the Oregon Wellness Plan, which covers only the poorest of the poor. Chalk up another embarrassing glitch for Cover Oregon, which continues to be a troubled work-in-progress after months of triage and a lot more than $300 million in taxpayer money .