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BTI completes SUGARDOWN individual clinical study on bloodstream sugar management Boston Therapeutics, Inc. We are very very happy to have finished this trial at the Sydney University Glycemic Index Analysis Support , and delighted to been employed by with Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller who executed the trial, stated Ken Tassey, President at Boston Therapeutics.3 kg/m2. The info were gathered for postprandial blood sugars elevation with a 50g glucose problem.D., and business Chief Technology Officer.Alzheimer’s disease will run in families, especially early-onset disease. In younger instances, about half have an autosomal dominant genetic design, stated Henderson. There are other genes involved as well including Apolipoprotein E, and ongoing studies are looking into this relationship amongst others. There is absolutely no treat for Alzheimer’s disease but current treatments are designed to address symptoms and potentially improve the standard of living for sufferers.