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Michael Burgess, R-Texas, holds small occasions showcasing Republican viewpoints upon health policy usually. But this time Burgess’s caucus got covered in the media circus that’s Herman Cain. Arriving off many days of questions about sexual harassment claims, Cain tried to spotlight his health policy platform, which was very general and trapped to Republican talking factors on having ‘open-marketplace’ reforms . Politico: Cain DEMANDS Wellness Reform Repeal, ‘Free-Market’ Replacement In a speech to the GOP Congressional Health Care Caucus, Cain said if he had the right numbers in Congress, he’d sign legislation repealing health care reform on March 23, 2013 -; three years after it was signed into regulation.Substances used in anti-aging medicine: Antioxidants: Antioxidants are considered one of the most famous substances found in anti-maturing. They protect cells from the harmful substances known as free-radicals. Free radicals are created from different chemical substance reactions inside our body plus they accumulate causing destruction of the cells. The usage of antioxidants in anti-aging is very easy, so in retrospect they are a competent defense against growing older. All the patient requirements is to add antioxidant wealthy foods to the dietary plan, or use a product. Hormone replacement therapy: Hormone replacement therapy is one of the very effective strategies used in the anti-aging industry.