Cocoa production developed over the years through trial and error.

Individually, these substances had flavors of potato chips, peaches, cooked meat and other un – chocolaty foods. ‘In order to make a very good cocoa aroma can, only 25 of the nearly 600 volatile compounds, the need in the beans,’said Schieberle ‘We call this kind of large – scale sensory study sensomics ‘. ‘Sensomics create a profile the main chemical players responsible for certain foods containing its distinctive flavor and aroma.. Cocoa production developed over the years through trial and error, not by scientific analysis, so that the substances its chocolate its subtle flavors were largely unknown, said Schieberle.

This knowledge is an important prerequisite in order to create the desired flavor of cocoa during processing. Experiments application of state-of – the-art methods of molecular sensors, first, the key aroma and taste of roasted cocoa compounds were characterized and quantified. Then the timing of the formation of selected flavor molecules during fermentation and roasting is was monitored quantitatively to allow differentiation between biochemical and thermal pathways.In research.. About Diabetes.diabetic is vast healthcare and impact on the cost of the world long term is the fourth frequent cause of death in most of developed countries. There are several important long-term complications of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease of as an average the combined effects a reduced reactions to insulins and and pancreas cells dysfunction in that blood sugar control is more difficult. Over time, this may severe damage, to cardiovascular system, eyes and kidneys. People suffering from diabetes are also developing cardio complications an earlier age, are two to four times as likely to suffer a stroke, and about 73 % of all adults having diabetic considered prehypertensive.

ASTRAZENECA ENGAGEMENT FOR type 2 diabeticAstra Zeneca dedicated to researching and development of innovative treatments designed to committed risk, prevalence and impact of CVD guy type – 2 diabetes. According to the International Diabetes Federation, estimated at 194 million people global were hit having diabetes in the year 2003, and this number was expected to increase to 333 million in 2025. The World Health Organization and the IDF estimate of 3.2 million death attributable for diabetic annually. Over 65 % of deaths for diabetic patients are attributable cardiovascular disease. Worldwide AstraZeneca will researching new treatment options for type 2 diabetic and other metabolic disorders.