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Capsule Tech’s DataCaptor software named Category Innovator for medical device integration systems Capsule Tech, Inc. Capsule's DataCaptor allows hospitals to effectively integrate medical device data into their electronic medical record systems and other enterprise applications. DataCaptor is healthcare's most widely deployed medical gadget integration solution . SmartLinx empowers healthcare companies to harness the energy of their medical products data to enable applications for patient surveillance, alarms and alerts, device and tracking performance, and scientific decision support in both non-acute and acute configurations.

, GW Pharmaceuticals, plc and CannaBusiness Group, Inc. , delivering technological developments in the cultivation and processing of cannabis in authorized markets.. Cannabis and NTRR poised to outpace expansion of global smartphone marketplace Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in the U.S. is usually readying a diverse product line to capitalize on that growth. In November, The Huffington Post reported on a publication by Arcview Market Research that surveyed a huge selection of medical cannabis retailers, processors, dispensary owners and market leaders over the course of six months last year.