However the physical threat of falling pieces.

An identical awareness campaign involving accidental injuries from toppling vending devices resulted in more models being secured to flooring and walls, the experts noted. ‘More intense education to warn parents about the chance of injury should be implemented in order that more families will need the time to show their televisions properly,’ said study writer Dr. Robert Todd Maxson, associate professor of pediatric medical procedures at UT Southwestern and medical director of the pediatric trauma provider at Children’s INFIRMARY Dallas. Researchers reviewed 26 situations dealt with by the Children’s emergency section between November 2003 and October 2004.What did they discover? Researchers saw distinctions in the mind matter of kids who were eventually identified as having an autism spectrum disorder by age group 2. These kids were much more likely to show thicker, denser nerve-dietary fiber readings at six months – but thinner white matter at age group 2. ‘These findings improve the chance for developing imaging markers which could identify risk for autism before real symptoms, and [to] start treatment before symptoms start,’ study writer Geri Dawson, chief research officer at Autism Speaks, told HealthDay.