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Other authors of the report include Kanwaljit Singh, Eric Macklin and Susan Connors of Harvard Medical College. This ongoing work was supported by grants from the Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation, the Hussman Foundation, the Lewis B. And Dorothy Cullman Base, the Agnes Gund Basis, the N of 1 Base and the Brassica Basis for Chemoprotection Analysis. U.S. Patent applications have been filed by The Johns Hopkins University for inventors Smith, Talalay and Zimmerman. Zimmerman and Talalay have divested themselves from all potential financial benefits.Since Circassia’s establishment five years back, we have built a company with a wide pipeline, completed numerous phase II trials and elevated significant investment funding. Today will allow us to build on this progress The brand new financing announced, and transform Circassia into a world-course immunotherapy business.’ Susan Searle, Chief Executive Officer of Imperial Innovations, stated, ‘We’ve led each investment round for Circassia since the firm was founded, and are delighted to take action again. Circassia has made great progress in the last five years, and we are very happy to contribute to this following transformational stage in the business’s growth.’.. Biomagnetics Diagnostics discusses usage of acquired Los Alamos National Protection intellectual property Biomagnetics Diagnostics Corp.