One example is Maintenance Choice.

The products and our business are true market improvements that are assisting people on the path to better wellness, Foulkes stated. CVS Caremark provides integrated three healthcare services to make a pharmacy innovation firm. Our business model is unique and we reach sufferers in many different ways. CVS Caremark employs more than 24,000 pharmacists and 2 nearly,000 nurse practitioners and, between retail clinic and store visits and its PBM services, provides pharmacy healthcare to more than five million people every day, seven days a week. We understand the central function pharmacists play in delivering access to affordable, quality treatment and we are uniquely positioned to leverage the experience of pharmacists and nurse practitioners to positively effect health outcomes and reduce costs, Foulkes said..To learn more, visit:.. Amgen, Xencor partner to build up and commercialize new therapeutics for tumor immunotherapy, inflammation Amgen and Xencor, Inc. announced today that both companies have entered right into a research and license agreement to build up and commercialize novel therapeutics in the areas of malignancy immunotherapy and swelling. The collaboration includes molecular engineering by Xencor and the preclinical development of bispecific molecules for five programs proposed by Amgen, leveraging XmAb bispecific Fc domains to create half-life extended T cell engagers and dual targeting bispecific antibodies.