Published April 10.

Canada tackles growing obesity epidemic The first-ever Canadian Clinical Practice Recommendations on the Management and Prevention of Obesity in Adults and Kids, published April 10, 2007 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal , advise that waist circumference be measured in all Canadian adults, and a national surveillance system be developed that incorporates this measurement along with height and weight. This represents a landmark publication, as Canada is the first nation in the world to produce comprehensive evidence-based recommendations to address the management and prevention of overweight and weight problems in adults and children.The brand new results show that better specific risk prediction for ladies with these cancers gets nearer, says study writer Prof Michael Gnant from the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. Prof Gnant reported the results at the 5th IMPAKT Breasts Cancer Meeting in Brussels, Belgium. The IMPAKT meeting presents leading edge, 'translational' breast cancer research that’s beginning to impact for sufferers. Metastasis after 5 years of follow-up can be an important research concern, particularly in hormone-receptor positive breasts cancer, Prof Gnant clarifies.