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Clinician’s guide to DSM-5: Explores positive and negative aspects of DSM-5 OUP publishes Joel Paris's The Intelligent Clinician's Guidebook to the DSM-5 – The Intelligent Clinician's Guideline to the DSM-5 – explores all revisions to the most recent version of the Figures and Diagnostic Manual, and displays clinicians how they are able to best apply the strong points and shortcomings of psychiatry's most contentious resource.The very next day in tv interviews, Bachmann stated a woman informed her the shot, usually provided at age 12, triggered mental retardation in the girl child. Caplan, director of the guts for bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, stated the statements by Bachmann, a U.S. Representative from Minnesota, might cost lives by frightening parents from vaccinating their daughters . Medscape: Bioethicists Give $11,000 for Proof HPV Vaccine Tale A couple of bioethicists possess challenged US Representative Michele Bachmann to supply evidence that vaccination for individual papillomavirus causes mental retardation. Steven Kilometers, PhD, a professor of bioethics at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, said that he’ll pay $1,000 to really have the medical records linked to Bachmann’s tale released for review by a medical expert, according to a written report in the Celebrity Tribune newspaper.