The additional homes will fall behind this target.

Over 76,000 citizens live in Ontario’s long term care homes and of those, 95 percent need assistance with dressing, eating and toileting, close to 90 percent need help shifting from bed to wheelchair and more than two thirds suffer from some form of dementia. With its ER-ALC strategy, the government is looking to place hospital patients who no longer require the strength of resources/solutions provided in severe care settings locally with additional home care or assisted living facilitates.Mended Hearts, a national patient support group associated with the American Heart Association , is spreading the term among heart patients to find the flu shot. Heart health is always an important consideration among Central Florida citizens. However, many people are still not taking basic actions – like obtaining a flu shot – to greatly help protect themselves. As cardiovascular disease patients take share of their heart health, we want to ensure that getting vaccinated against the flu turns into important, beginning this flu period, said Heathrow resident Mike Philpott, a member of the Orlando chapter of Mended Hearts and a heart disease patient.