THE BRAND NEW York Times reports a network of 20 clinics in Oakland.

A couple spots down on the list is certainly Goldman Sachs, the infamous central banking group that retains even more power over the corrupt economic climate than the private Government Reserve. Dave Hodges from The Common Sense Present describes Goldman Sachs as the epitome of the word ‘evil,’ noting that this evil organization is actively attempting to implode the global economy in order to reorganize it under a centralized globe system. Other top Clinton Foundation donors include junk food purveyor Coca-Cola, mom-and-pop shop killer Walmart, chemical huge Dow, Big Pharma kingpin Pfizer, and the world’s most evil company, Monsanto. Clinton Foundation so corrupt that even its evil donors are second-guessing campaign contributions You might be thinking to yourself, Wait, aren’t these the types of organizations that typically donate to Republicans? Yes, however they also contribute to Democrats because Republicans and Democrats are essentially two sides of the same coin.Canadian drug company awarded Rwandan contract to provide combination antiretroviral Rwanda recently accepted a bid from the Toronto-based generic drug firm Apotex to supply its fixed-dose mixture antiretroviral medication Apo-triAvir to the country, the Toronto Star reviews . According to the CP/, securing the agreement was the ultimate legal step the business had to take in the process of receiving approval from Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime. Apotex is the first organization to complete CAMR’s acceptance process, which has been criticized by some HIV/Helps advocates and generic medication manufacturers, the CP/ reports .