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Agents and counselors attended a closed-door briefing with federal health officials Thursday to understand about the online features of the Small Business Health Options System, or SHOP, before its anticipated start this month later. Missouri and Illinois are two of five states that were chosen by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Solutions, which runs the online marketplaces, with an early peek at the SHOP site before open enrollment begins Nov. 15. SHOP programs were offered this past year but only by paper application . Minneapolis Star-Tribune: MNsure: Twin Metropolitan areas' Rates Still Look Cheaper, But Gap Is certainly Shrinking In Minnesota Statistics released the other day by MNsure, the condition's medical health insurance exchange, suggest that prices in southeast Minnesota will still be the condition's highest next season.‘The synthesizer we can make not just one but many carbohydrate structures from a specific organism and check those to discover if they drive back the microbe. Synthetic carbohydrates that show promising protecting qualities then may become the basis for new vaccines. Related StoriesLow-fat diets usually do not result in greater weight loss in long term, displays meta-analysis researchDanish researchers face feasible breakthrough in fight cancerGlycan binding proteins change parasite infections in cells of the center muscleIn a recently available finding, the team discovered a carbohydrate on the surface of the malaria parasite P. Falciparum that enables the parasite to infect individual red blood cells, solving a long-standing mystery about how infection happens thus.